Issue installing the game

Hello, i’m trying to install the game and it’s not working for me.
I downloaded the installer from from the site. I’m able to install it and when I run it the first time it downloads an update for the launcher and seems to install fine.It relaunches the launcher but it just stays stuck at Scanning local files 1/4 and nothing happens.

This is on Windows 11.
I tried running as admin, installing launcher as admin, disabling Windows Defender and also compatibility mode (win7, win 8). Nothing seems to be working.

Anyone have any idea what the issue could be?

UPDATE: There is a file called downloaderrors.txt that showed up in the SWL folder. I opened it and it says this:

[2023-09-21 16:35:12] ERROR: HTTPManager - Switching to a fallback server: update(dot)secretworld(dot)com/tswupm/client/4b/db210037c80130600dadbcfd1545ec (C:\Program Files (x86)\Funcom\Secret World Legends\FileHashes), flags: 112, size: 0, response: 0, curlcode: 28, retries: 5

My Windows defender is disabled and I don’t have a router.
I’m also able to ping update(dot)secretworld(dot)com with no issue.