Issue with input while streaming (both Steam and Parsec)

I can´t enter shops/places in the Ark. Nothing happens when I place the cursor on places and click. Anyone else having this issue, and/or know a workaround?


sorry, works ok for me( try to reinstall the game maybe(

Thanks for reply. Yeah, guess I´ll have to try something like that.

So, a re-install did not work. However I´m trying to play through streaming, and it seems that is the issue. If I use RDP to my headless gaming rig and start the game that way, and use only M/KB controls, then the Ark is navigatable, but for obvious reasons I can´t play this way.

But if I use either Steam streaming or Parsec streaming the input is not registered in the Ark, meaning no shops/places are lit.

Also I can´t get past the start screen with M/KB, without using windowed mode (the cursor jumps to top-left corner as soon as I try to click on any option), but that has someone else covered in another thread.

If any devs read this…
I found this problem description regarding UE and streaming which feels like very much what I´m experiencing.