Streaming issues

Found an older thread regarding issues with the mouse pointer in UE4 while streaming. Currently i am experiancing the same issue.

The Arks different points of interests cant be accessed. Hoovering the shops is not recognized, and clicking them does nothing.

I understand that this must be an issue pretty far down the priority chain, even tho it makes the game unplayable for us with couch-comps. Especially if the issue stems from the engine. Perhaps i might suggest a manual way to traverse the shops in the Ark, and other game menus, perhaps by tab/RB/LB+space/A?

Hello @Eyewound, welcome to the community!

We appreciate your feedback regarding navigating the menus and have registered your suggestion for the developers to consider.

Regarding the cursor not recognizing the shops while overlapping them, could you please share more information regarding your current setup, as well as the controller being used?

Thanks for the respons Hugo. Don’t know how detailed specs you would like, grabbing these from memory.

Currently runnin:
Core i5 6600K
Geforce GTX 980

Getting the same result using the steam client in my TV, as well as streaming to my partners half crappy laptop. Controllers include keyboard/mouse, Xbox One controller, laptop keyboard/trackpad. Looks to me like it would be pretty simple to reproduce.

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