Issues with Max Durability

Continuing the discussion from Public Beta Client - Age of War Chapter 1 Update (2023.05.23):

I made some Khari Raider Armor pre update then loaded my save to the testlive client, The durability of the armor without any kits added to it went down. This is contrary to what the Patch notes state. It should be an increase in Durability not a decrease. I have not tested any other armors.

Pre Patch Durability Values (no kits)
Head - 960
Torso - 1440
Arms - 960
Legs - 1440
Feet - 960

Post Patch Values (no kits)
Head - 480
Torso - 720
Arms - 480
Legs - 720
Feet - 480

Pre Patch durability values (with kits)
Head - 720
Torso - 1080
Arms - 720
Legs - 1080
Feet - 720

Post Patch durability values (with kits)
Head - 720
Torso - 1080
Arms - 720
Legs - 1080
Feet - 720

Durability is not supposed to be hindered by kits in the upcoming patch but as you can see the values are already diminished by the kits pre patch and the effect is not reverted post patch, additionally the durability values are reduced with the patch even though the patch notes state that the values should be increased.


I tested Hyperborian Slaver, No change to Durability, increase or decrease.
Vermin Hide pants and Boots, No change to Durability, increase or decrease.

Not going to spend a bunch of time on it, but the Legendary and Unique Armors I have tested do not line up with the statement in the patch notes. I chose a couple at random after looking at the armor I normally use.


Thanks for the info Wak, appreciate the work as always


Khari raider armor is not Unique (cyan border) or Legendary armor (orange border). (According to what I spawned in on testlive) It is epic armor (purple border) and can be repaired indefinitely.


This seems to be more of a wording issue than anything. By legendary they mean non-craftable looted legendaries. The bug here is keeping the legendary keyword on Khari gear, as it no longer classifies as such.

Whether I have the classification on the Khari armor correct or not I don’t see anywhere in the patch notes that state that durability of any items were reduced.


There are so many changes that are not in the patch notes, its been difficult to understand whats a bug and whats a new feature

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