Black Armor Set AoW Beta

Here is what is currently on Beta- Black Knight armor set isnt available on campaign or garrison bench but only on improved bench-crafted with T4 armourer

Screenshot 2023-06-16 232405

This is what is currently Live with T4 armourer- garrison bench

Screenshot 2023-06-16 233951

I just checked some other sets that are IOS exclusive- frost giants and Cannibals set , also the same thing.

Many crafted items have had their durability reduced, possibly armor values too. 8% bonus is still top tier. It’s happening like this because crafted items can be repaired indefinitely while legendary items will have higher durability and be unrepairable. They have not made any major balance changes to legendary armor that I have noticed, so it has felt a little weird looking at these values.

Oh yes absolutely. However the Eldarium armor require the extra step and time to get.

This is guardian chest piece currently on Beta

Screenshot 2023-06-17 003125

We are talking a serious damage mitigation reduction for an extra 3 % strength bonus.

Guardian is 5% STR bonus

BK- 190 vs Gepic- 421 and thats with t4 scoutwright which would be the most common that people get or have.

Really depends on your armor value, 200 more armor from 1000-1200 is like maybe 3% mitigation?

I guess we will see how it shakes out.

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