Eldarium crafted Armour stats low

Most standard sets of armour have higher armor stats than some Eldarium crafted.

Vanilla & DLC Heavy Chestpiece - 280 armor.

Black Knight Pauldron - 252
Frost Giant’s Chestpiece - 252
Gladiators Waistguard - 224

Is this intentional?

(Garrison Armourer Bench, T3 Thrall)

Eldarium sets only advantage is durability - stats are all lower

I think standard Hyperborean chest and one other were 252 as well. The Eldarium based Vicious armour gives 280. Doesn’t seem to follow, unless they are somehow balanced off durability too.

Comparing Frost Giant and Black Knight weight with armor values and given attributes equal(+2Str/Vit):

Black Knight hood - Weight: 24.24. Durability: 973.1
Frost Giant’s helm - Weight: 12:93. Durability: 753.8.

Black Knight Pauldron - Weight: 42.42. Durability: 1,455.9
Frost Giant’s Chestpiece - Weight: 22.62. Durability: 1,136.2

The weight is almost double with the durability being around 20% more.

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