Reptilian Epic Chestpiece weaker than Normal version

The chestpiec of the epic reptilian armor is showing a armor value of 23 for where the normal version is 48. When wearing only the epic reptilian chestpiece the Total Damage Reductions is 14%. When wearing only the normal chestpiece its 21%

I just made a set and noticed that as well. If you compare the epic gloves and chest, it seems the values have been switched. Epic Gauntlet armor value is 80 and weighs 19.29. Epic Chest piece armor value is 23 and weighs 5.51.

To add: I set my Admin rights and gave myself a standard set. Std. set Dmg reduction = 43%.
Epic set Dmg reduction =53%.
The set values seem to be correct, just the gloves/chest values have been swapped.

I can confirm that this seems to still be the case, and furthermore that some of the armor values seem… off.

27 to 46
43 to 28
14 to… 80, what?
34 to 57
14 to 23

The numbers for the armor value and weight change from normal to epic are kind’ve all over the place.

Not just reptilian, also any flawless gear created from thralls is a huge improvement over Epic gear, and named armorer thralls aren’t that difficult to get. It essentially makes epic gear at 60 100% pointless.