It is time to combine

We all know you no longer care for IoS, you have made this clear with every update that IoS does not get. It is time to combine the MAPs.

here is my idea so a great map like IoS is not just a relic of the past.
Make this map free, add it to conan exile EVENTs.

meaning, When you see the sky break with a gaint hole and people falling out of it, it is no longer a crappy EVENT, but instead a Portal to the other map. This portal opens up for a short time, You are than able to take what ever you have on you and move to the other side. that portal CLOSEs locking you on the other side till a NEW portal opens. ofc these portals can open every 4hours(?)

This idea will allow everyone to travel to each map with a LIMITER, you can live on either side. you may have to make a BASE on either side. you can raid on either side, but you are LOCKED inside that world for a time.

Otherwise just remove this from your game, and give people crom coins, your servers are to dead that it is pointless to split the few people that play on two dead maps.

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It’s a fine idea, but considering how poorly both maps run on the official servers I don’t think it would be technically possible from Funcom’s part. This would be quite the technical feat for a development company that just incorrectly banned roughly 20% of their playerbase before taking a vacation.

They should just make Siptah the map free (maybe keep the DLC recipes locked behind DLC) and enable free travel between EL and Siptah. You can already do this on private servers and it is the best.

They should have found some sort of way to combine them when they first released Siptah…

Honestly I liked Siptah for the most part OTHER than that annoying maelstrom causing the whole map to get sooo dark. Hated having to use a torch when outside of the storm in the woods during “daylight”

No thank you. I like them being separate. I paid for IoS and I like it the way it is.

Better Map
Better End Game Mechanics
Better End Game Gear
Harder to get Recipes

Now that I can get all of the EL thralls via the purge, I have no desire to ever go back.

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