It often takes 10+ minutes to fully load into the server, if it even happens

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1540
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Fully loading into the world seems to take an extremely long time. To be clear, the loading screen itself completes in under 30 seconds and I’m able to enter the world, but things are only partially initialized. My ping on the server when I’m looking in the server browser is typically < 150. This happens at all times regardless of the number of players on the server or server FPS.

Initially, my inventory appears empty and the foods on my hotbar do not have timers visible. Eventually my inventory will load and the food timers will appear, this often takes 2-5 minutes by itself.

That is not the end though, if I try to start moving around the world after that time I will still be clipping through resources and rubberbanding. I’m unable to mine resources at this time, I just hit thin air despite being right next to the resource. Often the mobs will not have healthbars visible. I can still fight and kill them, but no healthbar is visible. The mobs during this time are also extremely glitchy, teleporting around as they attack me.

During this entire time, if I open the debug HUD, the player count will just display an error string. The server ping will eventually display something other than -200 and Server FPS will eventually appear, but that also takes several minutes minimum. Ping will typically be between 70 and 150 ms.

Only once the debug HUD fully initializes do I seem to fully load into the world and am able to play as expected.

Is this common on heavily populated servers or is it something specific to me?

Bug Reproduction:

Log in. It’s pretty consistent. Seems unrelated to how many players are on the server at the time. Not sure if this is only affecting me.


Oh, a couple other quick notes I forgot:

  • This seem to happen regardless of where I logout in the world, although it’s particularly bad near Sepermeru and not quite so bad near noob river and the starting area. (Which makes me wonder if it’s related to player structures in the area, next time I might try running around the area and forcing all player structures near by to load in. There are some monstrosities near Sepermeru and the Den on 1540.)
  • The severity of this is variable. Sometimes I seem to fully load in within 2 or 3 minutes. Other times I just give up after 10+ minutes. I just tried logging in to the server when it only had 3 other players online and had to give up after 10+ minutes, so it’s not related to a heavy server load AFAICT.
  • Re-logging and restarting the game seems to have no effect.
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Hello @wiggles and welcome back :smile:

Thank you for your report.

We are aware some of our servers are exhibiting this kind of behavior and we’re currently investigating what may be the root of the issue.

I will add this information to our on-going report.

If there’s anymore information you would like to share, feel free to reach out :smile:

nice we got an awnser about the server performance :open_mouth:

This happens a lot on unofficial servers too. Can’t do anything inventory-related (view, transfer, or harvest) until a good 5 minutes or more AFTER the in-game rendering appears.

I’ve seen people point out that feats/skills load BEFORE inventory, and this process is what’s really slowing it down. They also say we could use respecs (where available on the server) to clear out all crafting feats and not re-learn them, in order to skip this process, but that’s hardly an option for most players. I don’t want to have to relearn anything just to replace a damn wall.

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Interesting, that might be what is affecting me.

I’m currently farming fragments of power to max out my knowledge points. I’ve been doing so for the past week-ish, during which time I feel like my issues with loading have been getting worse. I’m up to 1340 knowledge points spent.

I don’t remember for sure, but I’m fairly sure this didn’t start for me until I had already spent almost all of my initial points and found most of the world recipes.

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