Item 80625 changed decay state to abandoned


My log shows “Item 80625 has changed decay state to abandoned”. What is item 80625 and where can I find a list with all the item numbers? Log just shows numbers and I don’t know what they are. It should show foundation or wall or whatever instead of this number.


Hey there!
Believe it would be his:

The IDs will be on the right side bar there. :slight_smile: Thanks for the report though. I’ll bring it up with the devs again.

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Until it’s changed your able to

  1. Use the search bar on the Official Conan Exiles Wiki provided above (top right)
  2. Search the ID
  3. Press enter or click “containing…”
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Thanks guys, guess that will do.


Decay system is not working in server #3522 cuz I been waiting for a base to decay and it’s not decaying.

Read the notice on Upcoming features
(this page is maintained frequently as far as I’m able to handle it. Added some things just now too! :smiley: )

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