Item shop still not working for lots of people

Still can not get the item shop to work after the “fix” , many people in my guild with the same issue, the item shops is asking me to log in, and when you do nothing happens or loads still…

Item shop still does not work. Login rewards now work though.


confirmed still not working

Why the hell does anyone need to spend money on this game

Now it seems to be working correctly.

Not really about the shop itself for me, but i want the sub rewards and teleport coin rewards for my toons, and couldn’t get them with the shop window down.

Yeah its working for me now as well.

Should be back up again, sorry for the trouble. :confused:

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Free funcom points for all? Wow thanks :rofl::rofl:

Because they play it and love it.


I always support the underdogs :grin:

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Free points???

It was a joke…

Oh…way to burst a bubble xD I wish it was true tho

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