Item Usage Requirements Not Listed

I’m brand new to this game, but the learning curve is killing me. I’ve learned a ton in the last ten hours of gameplay by experimentation and Internet research, but some things still baffle me. For example, I keep buying items that I seem to be able to use, but then I’m told I don’t have the requirements. Nothing on the item description listed those requirements! 20K down the drain. How can I know what things actually require? Heck, these things were bought from a vendor meant specifically for my class.

I’m guessing you’re talking about the nano vendor? Make sure you shift+click on the item to view its details. Almost all items will quite clearly show the requirements to equip or use them in that shift+click window.

It’s probably worth noting that the description of what a nano does is not always accurate so check that same shift+click window for its effects on the target/user or check for more details.

Edit: Just a sidenote but I highly recommend joining the AO discord as they are generally a helpful bunch.

Ah, I never thought to shift-click! So much info is displayed when just hovering the mouse, I thought that was everything. I’m way out of Arete, but I’m still trying to find my footing; to find a “groove” of steady progress. It’s all pretty overwhelming, and I’m not too far from quitting. Every time I log in, it’s just work for hours unraveling the mysteries. Heck, I’ve applied to the same organization three times now and I’ve yet to get any response, so there’s been no one to help me. I didn’t realize there was a Discord, but I suppose I should’ve guessed. I only started using the forum because I’ve become desperate.

Thanks for the info!

Discord is way more active but here is very useful for indepth stuff.

This website will be your goto:

For lore-- this free novel is prob the best for backstory:


There’s a lot to learn in this game, it’s gonna be overwhelming but rewarding at the same time :slight_smile: Send me a PM here on the forums or on discord (Nave Zero#7215), I don’t mind helping you out and answering any question you might have about the game :slight_smile:

This is my first time coming back to the forums in a long time. I’m level 57 in the game at this point. lol

I’ve also read the novel – I bought the hardcover physical. It, uh, wasn’t very good, in my opinion. I love Ragnar, don’t get me wrong, but this book just… wasn’t great. The whole backstory of the game is kinda lame to me, to be honest. But the game is fun! It’s too bad the story will never be finished though. So many threads and mysteries left fluttering in the wind! Even a kinda lame story should be finished if it began to be published.

You know, that’s probably not fair of me. I think the backstory has the making of a great story, but the presentation was never quite there. After all, with every story having been told ten thousand times at this point, a good story is 10% plot and 90% presentation.