Ithlinne's Prophecy - Witcher RP | Grimdark, Serious RP, 18+

Ithlinne’s Prophecy is the very first server to incorporate The Witcher into the Conan Exiles platform!

The inspiration and focus for this setting comes straight from the books and games, creating a world where players can immerse themselves into what it would be like if they were in The Witcher themselves.

If you enjoy medieval settings where content has been pulled straight from the Witcher games made by CD Projekt Red (we have been granted permission to use assets by the company), you may just enjoy giving our server an opportunity.

There is no strong focus on PvE content; many things have been made easy for everyone to immediately get into roleplaying.

Server features:

  • Sapphire Exiles map
  • Custom made hubs
  • Custom items you can craft
  • Admin-made harvest nodes for servermodded items
  • Custom crafting system to make armors, weapons, alchemical ingredients, potions, other illicit items, and more
  • Custom d10 dice system that is the first of its kind, incorporating inspiration from the Witcher TTRPG that is a turn-based system with a plethora of abilities and versatility
  • An active, friendly staff
  • Supernaturals that are vetted and play a big part in server plot - that make up a smaller portion of the population to not oversaturate the general player experience (vampires, mages, werebeasts, trolls, magical priests, and of course… witchers)
  • A serious environment that prioritizes an immersive experience, with minimal OOC as possible - there is no Global chat and name plates or other OOC relative features. The only warping is for stuck fixes and IC friendly docks and caravans
  • Inspired and customized lore written by server loremasters

Server info:
Ithlinne’s Prophecy - Witcher RP | Grimdark, 18+
PvE/RP server
Canada host (to accommodate EU and US)
18+ mature community
Whitelisted application only
70 slot server
Steam mod collection ( )


Season 4 starting on May 12th!