Its bug gem? about Chance on Damage(magic). not hit

Topaz of Divine Benediction. Chance of Damage, (Divine Benediction: Casting Radiance or Vitalizing Jolt heals
you for a small amount) not working in ToS and PoM. not hit.

Diamond of the Indomitable. Chance on damage, Indomitable Bulwark on self, 2 procs per Minute. it’s not working too. not hit. looks like Chance on damage. ex)stormfield

anyone know this!?

both worng.

  1. diamond procs chance on damage, not getting.
    (many times test)
  2. topaz not gives a little secondary heal.
    (many times test)

so… both bug now. check in game gem :wink:

Diamond of the Indomitable works, but only physical hits you do from weapons make it proc. not from spells like Storm Field. (this can make sense, as it’s probably a gem intended for tanks)

Topaz of Divine Benediction does not work for pom and tos bigheal unfortunately. However it works for melee classes as the chance on damage component works, but not the bigheal procs like it says it will.

Always been like this.

you mean… topaz and diamond is not bug?? hm…
if not bug, fix GM ‘chance on damage’ -> ‘chance on hit’

diamond is not bug, just bad description
topaz is 50% bug

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Diamond and Topaz both bug.

Diamond=only hit active

Topaz=Casting ToS&PoM heal you for a small amount is Invalid. only hit active.