Blessing bug with new gems

Hello, I have two mainhand sin daggers bought with tokens. I have purple ferocity gems in each. One of them has the manic haze blessing on it. When I wear that dagger with my T6 neck with manic haze on it I get no blessing. They are not working together in this case at least.

The other gem is Black Pharoah if that matters.

Also, it doesn’t matter if I equip the dagger in mainhand or offhand slot.

Can someone confirm a kuth. 1he main hand weapon with (up to 2) T6 blessings dual wield it or only using it offhand is intended work with respect to blessing stacks? In other words having up to 2x2 blessings on weapons (since only main hand gems can have T6 blessings) is possible? Because there is still a bug in the game if you equip “kopas of dunes” t6 in offhand slot with any (non T6) weapon in main hand and switch from 1he dual wield to 2HE “greatsword
Of warded brute” you end up missing one crawling mist stack while in 2HE. But stacks should keep same since greatsword and kopas have crawling mist on it. If you equip t6 “kopas of…” 1he in main hand it does not happen.So calculation of stacks appears bugged and this might also effect new constellations?

Ofc one would rather not put kopas in offhand but it proves that stack calculation is bugged technically and has been for quite a while…

2 weapons with the same blessing have never given a t5 or t6 blessing buff.
You need a weapon + neck or weapon + ring, ring + neck or 2 rings.

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Yep that i dont complain about but blessings need to be in correct hand as well somtimes,which is a bug. And is it now the same blessing or the same weapon with the new ones? Since the t6 offhand has been pretty much garbage at least for tanking replacing the offhand with another main hand seem tempting, but only if some blessing result in it properly…