Kutchemes bow Ashur blessing bugged (maybe not only this)

I have Gilded Kutcheman Longbow with Ashur blessing in onslaught gem.

Seems it is bugged and unstackeble with Ashur blessing from T6 arrows (Needles of Bone and Horn)

Previously i have 2x Ashur blessing - from Arrows and from Chaos gem in the ring.

Now then i equip Kutchemes bow - blessing is the same - 2x not 3x

I have changed my equipment and zoning several times - not fixed

Moreover, every time if i enter the game with 3 things equipped - the is no Ashur blessing at all.

I have made some experiments and:

Gilded Kutcheman Longbow with Ashur blessing is stacked with Chaos Ashur gem in the ring.

Gilded Kutcheman Longbow with Ashur blessing is not stacked with T6 arrows Ashur blessing.

T6 arrows Ashur blessing of course stacks normal with Chaos gem in the ring.

Please fix it.

2 of the same blessings on weapons has never stacked

Omg, surprise to me.

Well, it really shouldn’t. In theory you could have 5x ashur, but that’s not a thing. 2 rings, 1 neck, 2 weapons, hence why no weapon in the game has identical blessings on main/offhand.

It’s not your problem though as is it’s not obvious information, if only we could get error messages when conflicts like this happen.

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Yes, because i spend gem for nothing

The only way to find this out before onslaught was launched was to get 2 identical t6 weapons that you can equip in both hands (talisman, daggers for sin etc) and see that the blessings don’t give you an extra stack.

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Mimimi! I want 4x crawling with 2x 1h and rings + arena necklace, for DW-Tank shenanigans on my conq!