Kuthcheman longbow question

bow coast 4k tokens like 2h weapons and have 4 stone slots,but we have ammunition 2k tokens and 2 slots , it`s a bug?

Nah, that’s how it’s supposed to work. You could give rangers 10 gems per weapon and they’d still be last on a parse.


Game is trying to tell you to reroll another class

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Its a feature!

BTW the extra gem is kutcheman… have you seen those (even legendary)? Not a blast :slight_smile:

Question is how powerful those ??? will be…

All ranger Bows, Crossbows and Ammunition in game cost as a 1h weapon. I think you should fix Kuthchemes bow to cost 2000 Relics and not 4k.

T3 Bow : 90 Relics , 1 Rare
T4 Bow : 120 Relics , 1 Dragontear
T5 Bow : 120 Relics , 1 Ice Shard


Just let it like it is right now.

4 slots for 4000 relics still better than asking for 2000 relics and weapon getting nerfed to just 2 slots. Ranger could need a boost like that.