Onslaught (T6) gem blessings do not work on weapon switching

If one puts a gem with steel behemoth in offhand (kuth longsword explicitly stated as main and offhand weapon use possibility in item description) while wearing t6 kopas of dunes and t6 necklace steel blessing is 2 as it should be. If i now switch to t6 warded brute 2HE witch same necklace, blessing should stay on 2 - but is gone. As I pointed out already several times in the past your calculation routine is bugged when switching weapons which is essential to classes like conq and barb.
Just to be clear : there is no double blessing involed in 1he. Main is crawling mist. Offhand is steel behemoth. Warded brute 2he has exactly the same 2 blessings on it. While crawling mist is correctly maintained on switching, steel is lost.

Bump. Any idea on when this gets fixed?

Probably like anything else. They take their time for in between today and… “To infinity… and beyond!”

Hey, I have the same issue with my conq. I have an Atlantean ring with Crawling mist. I have a 2HE Kuthcheman sword with crawling mist. Which gives me or should 2x Crawling mist blessing +60 hate. Okay, I now have 2x 1HE Kuthcheman longswords. I put a crawling mist gem in each. If using just 1 sword with crawling mist then I get the blessing +60 hate. If I use 2x 1HE with the gems I still only get +60 when I should be getting rank 3 which is +80. Furthermore, when I switch from dual wield back to 2HE I now lose the blessing and only have the +60 hate blessing with 2 1HE swords each having the crawling mist gem as well. Doesn’t make sense.

Please let me know what is going on or if this is a known bug.


This is the problem: The buffs from weapons don’t stack, if you have the same buff from 2 weapons, it applies only once. It’s the same for T6 weapons.

You are mixing 2 different issues.

1 You can only have 1 stack of each blessing via weapons. You can’t get x2 stack from weapon slots.

2 You get bugged blessings from using a mainhand weapon with buffs in offhand slot.

Issue 1 might be as designed. Issue 2 seems more like a bug, unintended behavior.


Exactly : you cannot stack buffs from 2 1-handed weapons.
It does not work with t5 weapons either.

Thanks guys, I just did a test by removing the crawling mist gem in the offhand weapon and things are back to normal where you only get 1 stack from both the dual wield and 2HE. Because I have have the crawling haze gem in the the atlantean ring I decided to try out a manic haze in the offhand and I successfully have a stack of the crawling mist and manic haze as well as not losing the crawling mist blessing on my 2HE. SO no double stacking with offhand weapons. Wish I would have known this before as I might have bought the other sword instead where you can put in the Kuth gem instead of the Onslaught, but now I know. Thanks again.

Mixed gem buffs like manic haze works since with one chaos gem and no matching buff on 2HE you would loose it in 2HE anyway (or you would not care about it since its offhand related). But if it should persist in 2HE from the buffs on the items like steel behemoth its bugged.

About time to fix it…