Proc chances on multiple copies of a gem?

Could someone please help by explaining what would happen in the following circumstance:

If a character of mine has two identical gems fitted that give a 5% chance of its effect occurring.

Now does that mean I have:

  1. Just 5% chance because the effect cannot be duplicated.
  2. 2 x 5% chance of it occurring.
  3. 10% chance of it occurring.

many thanks. :slight_smile:

Say you have the same “proc” gem in slots A and B:

There is a 5% of the proc from A
There is a 5% of the proc from B
So it’s similar to having a 10%, but not exactly the same- they’re separate 5% procs. The benefit is that there is a chance that both A and B can proc simultaneously.


No. 2 then, got it; I did wonder which option this game took.

Thanks for your reply.

Formally correct its calculated via the inverse probability: (1- 0.95 * 0.95) * 100%. The formula calculates if it proc at LEAST once. But the result is very very close to 2*5% in your case.
But the REAL question is: if one proc has a Cooldown does it affect the other proc as well? Is the game able to differentiate different instances of same buff?


Hahaha I was about to go into that too! But yes you are correct!

I was just thinking both could proc because nothing says otherwise. It would be an interesting test, but could take a long time to get the desired result.

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