Procs when attacking multiple targets

Hi, new player here.

I am trying to figure out what I want to play and gear options seem to be a big factor for builds also.

At the moment, I am looking at how procs work. Say I use an AoE ability and I happen to kill 6 enemies in one shot:

I already know that the Whalebone Rune doesn’t provide 6 times the amount of protection. I assume the Sigil of Ambition won’t do 6 times the damage either.

But what I can’t figure out is if something like an Alloy Heart will heal 6 times. Will it trigger 6 times or does it go on some internal cooldown after the first heal?

And it gets even more confusing with Rakshani Charm:
Do you have 6 individual chances of 20% to restore energy? (potentially but very unlikely giving 2 or more energy back)
Or will it go on some internal cooldown after you successfully get an energy back, resulting in 6 tiem 20% chance but never giving more than one? (effectively giving 73% on one energy back if you 6shot).
Or will it give just one 20% chance to give an energy back even if you kill 6?

Same questions for a weapon “Of Restoration”. It gives a 50% chance to heal when hitting something, but does that mean potentially healing 6 times, or 6 chances but no more than 1 heal, or just 50% on 1 heal?

(as an aside, am I correct in assuming a Bone Timepiece procs on both the heal from the Rakshani Charm and the heal from an “Of Restoration” weapon?)

Thanks for the answers. The game looks great and it seems like I would enjoy it a lot, but it’s really vague in these mechanics.

I believe everything obeys the global cooldown of 1 second. So you get six individual chances but it can still only happen once.

I’m sure someone who knows more will be along to explain why I got that wrong soon. :v: