Healing talismans/signets and how they work within a group

Since after the rebalance there’s a need for healers, at least on high E levels. So I grabbed some healing talismans and signets I already had and some I wanted to possibly use and decided to see how they work.

During testing I used Effects UI addon to track invisible buffs. Talismans I had for testing were Commitment Band, Accelerated Chronometer and Pocket Pair. Signet I had for testing was Amelioration. Testing included wearing all those talismans and signets and casting all the abilities/gadgets I could on myself and on a party member, first at full HP then at depleted HP.

  • General results: All tested talismans that can proc on others proc on one character per GCD. Revivify ability from Invigorating Wrath can’t proc anything on crits. Feral Regrowth can only proc effects on initial tick. Lingering Essence is the only healing passive that can proc extraordinary and signet effects. Runic Hex, Sanguine Coalescence and Eldritch Scourge heal/barrier parts do not proc any “on heal/critheal” effects. Purification Drone and Reconstructor don’t proc any “on heal/critheal” effects.

  • Commitment Band (Whenever you attempt to cleanse, your defensive target receives 7% more healing for 5 seconds): it procs on all abilities and gadgets that can cleanse, even if there’s nothing to cleanse at the moment, and has no cooldown, with some caveats. These being Purification Drone and Cleanup (procs only when actually cleansing), Wild Surge (procs only on character that caster has as defensive target), Expunge Blight+Antibody (no proc at all). Doesn’t have to have a target for groupwide abilities to apply it to a party member.

  • Accelerating Chronometer (Whenever you heal an ally who does not have any active detrimental effects, increase that ally’s movement speed by 10% for 5 seconds. An ally can be affected by this effect once every 10 seconds): it procs on any activated heal/barrier even if they didn’t restore any HP. It can proc on allies that are not your defensive target, like with group-wide abilities and healing basics. It will not proc if you heal by ability that cleansed something, most likely due to checking for “detrimental effects” on ability activation and not on heal portion applying.

  • Pocket Pair (Whenever you critically heal, increase your healing done by 7.5% for 3 seconds. This effect has a 9 second cooldown): it procs on all activated critical heals/barriers even if they didn’t restore any HP.

  • Amelioration (When you critically heal, you gain a beneficial effect that grants you a x% bonus to healing for 5 seconds. This ability can only occur once every 15 seconds): it procs on activated critical heals that has restored HP. Doesn’t proc on critical barriers if the ability they were applied by didn’t restore HP.

  • Conclusion: my ideas of applying healing bonus/movespeed bonus to whole party by using group-wide elites were shafted, best ability for spreading Commitment Band around was Soothing Spring (still not guaranteed to give it to more than 2 characters). Most of the time Accelerating Chronometer will proc on tank and blood DPS, but you can give it to whole party by switching defensive target around quickly - won’t be synchronised though.

I’d really like to know more about talismans and signets I don’t have. Especially about Empowerment signet.

Crimson Ochre is another one I tested a bit, the new head talisman.

Whenever you heal the same target 5 times, you increase their chance to be Glanced by 7% or chance to Evade by 5% for 5 seconds. The ally gains whichever bonus is more beneficial.

From testing,

  1. it only counts power move heals, so 1/second max
  2. it picks whichever the tank’s basic stat is lower in, stalwart or elusive, not based on the percent chances

What are you referring to by 'Base Stat"? For example In my tank build I have 3 max Evade and 3 max Defense all elaborate and passives contribute 753 def and evade. So on paper the base stat of each is identical. In this scenario I will receive the Defense proc (7% glance) HOWEVER upon adding the Evade agent and increasing my Evade by 500 points above my Defense I will instead now get the Evade proc (5% Evade) This scenario also applies to the Waist guard Belt.

The way I understand it works is it looks at which stat is truly more beneficial within the ratio of def/evade that you have given that Def is 70% mitigation on glance and Evade is 100% mitigation.

With my example specifically you have the following calculation:

  1. NO AGENT (Stats Equal)
    44.9% Glance : 31.4% Evade
    0.7:1 (ratio of damage reduction)
    Therefore Glance is determined to be of higher value and Talisman buffs Glance %

  2. WITH AGENT (500 more Evade rating)
    44.9% Glance : 34.4% Evade
    0.7:1 (ration of damage reduction)
    Therefore Evade is determined to be of higher value and Talisman buffs Evade %

Ah, I might have written it backwards. Yes, it’s increasing the one you have more of cause that’s more useful. It appears it picks glance in a tie (as in your top option, 51.9% glance → 36.33 for a total of 43.68% damage taken, is worse than the 36.4% evade for a total of 43.61% damage taken, if it gave you an evade buff) The actual coefficients aren’t identical since 5% > 70%*7%, unless the tooltip is very rounded.

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Last time i’ve been testing it with Levsky, we found out it can proc off anything though, we were procing it from basics with no issues. What we had found out is that you actually need to target your defensive target to make the counter advance - ie it won’t work if you heal someone with group heals only and with no targeting.

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Did it increase the counter when ability restored HP or with any healing/barrier ability application? I’m wondering it it’s new E14 talismans that proc without restoring HP, and older healing extraordinaries/signets only work when HP is restored by a cast.

Afaik it needs to actually restore HP.