Luck Signet Suggestion

I got to thinking recently that since luck signets are fully dependent on Critical heals or hits it sorta leaves fully spec’d tanks with little value from this signet slot. Is there any intentions to add evade/glance related signets or conditions within these signets to proc on Evade or Glance? I understand that tanks do have the option to run some Crit in there glyph setup but it seems like it would be worth making these signets more desirable to tanks. Thoughts?


Just make thorns proc off evade or glance instead. It’s not like anyone uses it :v:


That’s what I was thinking. Like how they added it to Tachyon and all the others.


This would be fine really. It is probably the one most suited to tanks and I can understand them wanting to avoid tanks having too much access to self healing.


Speaking of things that proc on glance and evade, it occurred to me that perhaps Thirst could be redesigned to proc off of them, thus allowing tanks in solo mode access to a small self-heal. This could possibly free up a slot previously taken by a defensive CD to allow for a utility ability to be used instead.

I don’t think that this would fall into the category of “too much access to self healing” that Drenneth is worried about. And if nothing else, now would be a good opportunity to test it out! :wink:

The amount of damage healed by Thirst wouldn’t come close to the amount of mitigation a def cd would provide. If a soloing tank needed the def cd to start with, they probably wouldn’t be able to remove it just from having thirst instead.

Mostly not looking at the fact that anything provided by luck signets is needed or substantially beneficial for players that are fully glyphed as tanks but more just concerned with the fact that in there current design all luck signets are tailored to healing or DPS glyph setups and are fairly useless or at most have a very minimal impact on tanking glyph setups (provided your gearing for maximum mitigation).

Fair enough. However, it may give enough self-healing along with the passive self-heal to allow a combination of tank and non-healing weapon. Any weapon combination of your choice seems to be what was intended for people using Cruel Delight, so it would be awesome to have the same build flexibility for tanks.

Onevia mentioned in a previous post that her experience showed that Forged in Fire was not up to the task of keeping a Hammer tank alive by itself for gear-appropriate solo content. Hence this might plug that gap. Only Shotgun has any kind of self-heal via an active ability from what I could see, so Chaos could have similar issues to Hammer. In fact, from the admittedly very limited testing I did with Chaos in OD, I too came horribly unstuck on the self-healing side of things.