Jack of The Lantern fight lags Tremendously

Hopefully a known thing, that the Jack fight is quite unplayable because of really, really bad lag.
Like, get yourself pulled on your back and watch yourself wiggling your feet (1 FPS tops) for over half a minute before you get back on your feet - if you’re still alive :laughing:

ACT recorded nearly 4 minutes of constant Hysterical Laughter (ticking every 4 to 6 seconds), at which point I died, so I don’t know if it would have ended at some point.

Same experience for the whole team, so it isn’t an issue on my end.

Seems to be an issue with the hammer signature ability, at least it was when i was in a Jack fight. Maybe you can confirm if there was a hammer user, using it?

Can confirm that. The lag seems to start when I take the first damage after using Blazing Fury, regardless if Blazing Fury hit the boss or not, and if it is still active or not when the damage is taken.

Had also a weird bug that caused me to die when I tried to swap a talisman at the portal inside the Jack instance.

The dying is because your Equal Footing Buff gets reset, causing your HP to momentarily go low. =)

The moment you change gear, you go into an unbuffed state, which has much less HP, then the EFB is reapplied, which just increases your max HP but not your current HP =)