Jailor T4 Taskmaster

Single Player
No Mods
Testlive 2.3 (10.02.2021)

The Jailor NPC that spawns in the various camps seems to be a high spawn rate T4 taskmaster that can be knocked out and tamed on a wheel. Is this intentional?

That’s the npc that provides the keys to open the cages to free thralls. So yeah, intentional.

I get that. My concern is that it trivializes getting a T4 taskmaster if you can knock him out with a truncheon and put him on a wheel instead of killing him to loot a key.

The jailor system itself is disabled at the moment (per the patch notes). Could be the spawn rates are set higher for testing or are otherwise a work in progress.

I noticed that as well, and figured they would make him immune to knockout once the cage system is enabled fully.

damn I hope not, I mean thrall is a thrall, it’s one thing to have immune bosses,
but in camps, no that would be sad

I’m aware of a fixed T4 taskmaster spawn point that doesn’t seem to be tied to the thrall liberation mechanic.

Truth is, T4 thralls are pretty common on siptah now.

As this is a stated work in progress, I wouldn’t read too much into it, but as such, provide the feedback as you’ve done. Acknowledge it’s there, acknowledge it’s frequency and concern that it may be too common. I haven’t had the chance to dig in yet, but I plan to this weekend. I would be slightly concerned about t4s becoming common again, BUT, in light of the economy changes, not too concerned.

EDIT: to clarify, I would prefer t4s to be rare, but, it doesn’t necessarily detract from anything if they become common again. I know there’s pros and cons to this.

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Hey @Exiled1

Thanks for the observation. We’ve poked the team to see if this is intentional or still a work in progress.

Gothrad the Oathbreaker(T4 taskmaster) from exiled lands, spawns in mounds of dead with 100% spawn rate. You can make 100 of these in a day. I see no issue having something similar on Siptah.


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