Javelins are bad

The javelins in game are very bad to expensive for only one use, you should look at game’s that use this weapons like Aphoteon you can see in this game the mechanics behind the javelins are very good and fun, in game you can use them as a melé weapon to pierce your enemies, you can aim with them and throw them when you want, and recover from enemies, walls or the floor and when you get them you have many of them in one inventory space to fight with or throw and every one have their own duration bar when you melé attack they loss some and when you throw them they loss a bigger amount of durability but you can throw them a good amount of times before they break just look at the game Aphoteon and you will get the idea.

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Yea I feel that you should be able to recover them, the system as it stands doesn’t make sense



please let me put my share to this conversation:

  1. Aphoteon is completely different game genre
  2. you can pick up javelins from the ground after you throw them
  3. you can use it as a melee weapon
  4. they are not that expensive

BUT, i do agree that javelins are not as good as they should be. Yes, javelins could be cheaper or crafted just like arrows, in bulks. OR… every time you throw it, it will drain good chunk of its durability (VERY unrealistic and… weird solution, but i would be “easy” way to balance javelins and them more practical)

Also i believe that javelins are mostly stabbing, poking and throwing weapon and were used in series of fast poking attacks, powerful stab or throw. That is why i would love to see their light attack combo changed for 3 fast pokes instead of what we have now (PURE SINGLE TARGET WEAPON), this would also help javelins with balance since their attack has no “power armor” comparing it to other weapons with heavy attack combos.

Javelins are my most prefered weapon (right after bows… and they sux as well…) so i would really appreciate some love from DEVs

Anyway. If you like to see how to use current javelins in fight, you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5yzkpMlo4Q

I tried this my self and it is very hard (at least for me). He is using attack + block and chaining it to combo to make javelin attack fast by repeating 1. attack of the combo.

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Yes, Javelins are a pretty big disappointment. In my opinion, the javelin should have a full melee moveset, should be stackable (in a quiver or something, or just as a stack), and should allow you to toggle between throw and swing. A 3-part light attack combo (poke-poke-poke), and a 3-part heavy attack combo (swing-swing-swing). It doesn’t need an effect, like cripple or anything, but just something that make it function like a real 1-handed weapon that can be thrown.

Definitely agree. Ranged is a joke at the moment, and javelins as a hybrid need some better function. I don’t mind if they don’t get any heavy attacks but the third attack on it’s melee combo should cause bleed at least, representing a penetrating thrust.

For ranged they need to:
A) Stack to 5. Seriously, not asking for a full stack like arrows, 5 would be perfect and is in line with bigger historical javelin quivers.
B) Be aimed properly before throwing, but this is a ranged weapon problem in general.

Great post. I agree the biggest fix would be the recovery of javelins, and arrows, from the dead. I agree that javelins would take a durability hit, just as if you attacked in melee. I also agree with the quick attacks, the javelin is a light weapon, one of the reasons you can throw it, and it was never meant for slashing attacks.

Do you think that would unbalance the weapon’s 100 percent cripple effect when you hit your opponent in the legs?

no, because you need to throw them for the cripple effect and actually hit the legs. That and most weapons apply 2 different secondary effects depending on your combo.

Very good point. I agree with you then.

  1. Yes Aphoteon is a different game but I’m not talking about the game I’m talking about the javelins mechanics, how is in aphoteon and how the aphoteon mechanics can make more viable the javelins in conan, please check the javelins in aphoteon you may agree with me.
  2. You can pick javelins from the ground if you miss but when you hit a enemy the javelin its gone in aphoteon when you kill an enemy you can recover your javelins, don’t even need to kill your enemy the javelins will pierce through him to the ground or wall. Sometimes you can impale enemy’s in wall or the ground.
  3. You can use them as a mele weapon but are not as good as other weapons.
  4. You said that they are not expensive and then proceeded to said that they could be cheaper that means, they are expensive.
  5. Unrealistic you said, the game it’s already unrealistic even when it’s inspired in the conan world, I know how the world of conan is I have full boxes of conan comics of my father from the 90s, if you want realism this is no game for it, if the game where realistic every enemy will be dead by the move set of the weapons in the game.
    And there was this ancient greek warriors called Peltast, jevelineers that carry a wicker shield called pelte where they carry several javelins. Will be awesome to see that in game instead of a javelin a shield in left hand with the javelins in hand and the javelin in the other hand to fight with or throw.
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