Javlin & Throwing Axe vanish when picked up

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Hardware: Series X

Bug Description:

When throwing the last Javlin or Axe from a Stack, a “Ghost” version will stay in my hotbar. When I then go to retrieve said weapon from the ground, the game reports that I picked it up but it is not in my inventory or hotbar.

While Im here, Javlins and Axes are very buggy as it is in their usage. Just throwing an Idea out, what if a pair of new weapons was made similar to how bows work, but for throwing weapons.

First off, make it so axes & javs cant stack in your hotbar slots.
What Im thinking from here is an “Axe Bandolier” and a “Javlin Bag” that have their own durability and stats like bows, but have a damage rating of 0. You can put it in your hotbar but cant equip it unless ammo is selected and some is present.
Damage would be added based off of the ammo type.
Youd have to drag & drop your chosen type of ammo (axe and jav respectively) onto it like a bow, which would be what is visually displayed in your hands when your holding it. In the case of a Javlin Bag, it would enable Light Attack chains if ammo is present.

Also just a QoL request, can we get an icon similar to damaged building pieces (with a repair hammer equipped) over our thrown weapons on the ground to help locate them. It would also be nice if they didnt despawn after 10 seconds

Expected Behavior:

For Javlins and Axes to replace the ghost version in my hotbar instead of vanishing

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Equip Javlins & or Axes in your hotbar
  2. Throw your last one from the stack
  3. Pick it up before it depawns
  4. Notice that it isnt present anyware in your inventory or hotbar
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