Jewel of the west dlc bugs:

Game mode: Online
Region: [Here]

  1. Medium armor set leggings on some chars the center flap at the front stretches and goes all the way down to the floor, looks horrible
  2. Aquilonian Chair. not all the time but you sit the wrong way and cannot exit, have to relogg to get out of it.
  3. No weather buff on the armor sets
  4. stat bonuses on the sets arent working.

After I purchased the DLC I know longer have the admin panel even though I have admin rights. Where did it go?

#2 has been a bug for a long time with all chairs.
#3 and 4 were noted at release and is supposed to be corrected with the next patch.

@DevilDogFL Have you gone into server settings and clicked the [Make me Admin]? I notice that every time I log into single player I have to give myself Admin rights, as it is always off when booted up.

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