Jhebbal Sag Archpriests have 20%+ Spawnrate at 'The Den'!


I’ll go and have a look, im not at 570 kills at Grr his spawn at the sandswept ruin camp and i realy want this over with hehe. Thanks for the help.


570!!! Yeah, there’s excitingly rare… and then there’s exasperation land. Seems like Grr got lost somewhere beyond that in Omgplzjustletthisbeoverwithwhywon’tyouspawn-ville.


Still at work, but I gave a text description of 3 new spawn points for him. I assume those might be on at least some of the community maps by now, but not sure.


I use this interactive map as it’s the most user-friendly I’ve found. Be warned it’s not entirely accurate however, for example it’s missing the exile camps Multi mentioned now spawn Grr, but you can get the idea of where they are. It’s useful, though spoilery. The thrall information is also currently outdated due to the patch, though still helpful.

Alternatively, you can try Lexa’s Guide. I’ve linked directly to the thrall map on the site, but again, this will be outdated regarding thralls and won’t cover everything.

If anyone knows of better/more preferred maps I would be interested in seeing the linkies.

*** Just a warning for newer players tempted to use these maps… they can be spoilery and it is often more fun to explore things on your own. At a certain point though, once you’ve played for awhile and the map becomes familiar, they can be a very useful tool to plan and guide your activities.


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