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So the Jhebbal Sag patch just went live, I -immediately- went and got the potion, crafted, did the dungeon, ate the food, learned the religion. So I went and harvested some rocks, wood and twine. Built the Bower (Alter to Sag) and now I am trying to place it… Well for me its unplaceable. I try to put it down anywhere and it tells me either “Not enough contact with the ground” or “Overlapping with another object or terrain.” I even built a flat surface for it to sit on that was 2 blocks high off the ground, it was 6x6 just to make sure I had the room, it fit perfectly in it from any angle. Still gave me the “Overlapping with another Object or terrain” so I lifted it once just to see if it was clipping a foundation, gets a “Not enough contact” message, tried Auto-aligning tilting, rotating everything, I can’t get it to place.


Not sure if I can help, but I had the same problem. I ended up building a big floor (7x7) and still nothing. i finally got mine to place on a roof of one of my buildings. Still had to get it in the center of that building.


Could it be similar to the placement issue with the trebuchet? You’ve got to place it a good distance away from yourself - for some reason it’s more picky about how close the player is rather than other building pieces/placeables.


having same issue. got a nice 5x5 foundation placed, and no matter what angle or height i get to I cannot place this altar. I either get not enough contact with ground or overlapping with another object.


I finally got it to place. Seems the problem was i had raise the foundations up a bit to get a higher spot since the ground was pretty uneven. Guess that put the altar to far away from any ground and would not place. once i removed them and replaced so the foundation blocks were just peaking out of the ground then i was able to place. none of the other altars had this problem.


I had the same problem with 5x5 foundation, when I added to 5x6 it worked.


yeah I tried 5x5, 5x6, 6x6 and they all failed. currently it is placed on a 4x5 plot. Never had this much trouble with any of the other altars. oh well. now to hope the pen will fit next to it :slight_smile:


The issue I have is that it will not place on wedge foundations or wedge ceiling pieces at all for me. I have no problem placing it on square foundations. I think there is some issue with the object recognizing wedge foundations as extensions of the ground.


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