Jhil Caves Deathtrap

Two problems:

  1. There is a normally safe spot in the 2nd cave from the south where you simply die. No warning, just dead.
  2. Second problem…. Summon corpse spell brings back an empty corpse. All kit and inventory lost.

So 3 spots for insta death confirmed.

Add that to Sinkhole and cave under bridge to Watcher of the Passage.

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Just checked server log. Says I fell through the world.

That sounds like mesh protection. If you fall (or intentionally climb or glitch) into or inside of the mesh, there is a system that will insta-kill you. There is a “soft spot” in the jungle, in a cave that is under a tree that will also kill you if you aren’t careful.

It sounds like you found a spot where you managed to work through the terrain surface.

Best to get the coords, and some screenshots, and report it to Funcom as a bug so that they can MAYBE get their world builder folks to patch up the terrain in those spots.

LOL! The legend of FC fails continues…can’t wait for the Dune release to see what fails that brings.

It does sound like the game is initiating mesh protection.

These are not cracks, holes or hard to reach places with a bit of an overlay mistake.

These are commonly traversed areas being affected.

That is why I was recommending to capture the coords, and report them as a bug.

Having played the game since launch, I recognize that the worldbuilder people at Funcom are human. And they make mistakes. Or they don’t put enough passes through QA.

Funcom folks seem to make more mistakes though. More so than what you would expect from regular humans, sadly. Just as they have had holes in the mesh before (which you say this isn’t), they probably swung too wide along the z-axis or something with the mesh protection paintbrush. Not really at all surprised.


Been to all of the reported locations before the AoW4 update with no problems. I suspect these death traps are unintended consequences of changes Funcom made to prevent PvP under mesh exploits

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