Join The Cassamihra Throne PvP/ RP (US central)

My Admins and I are creating this server for everyone. Are goal is to continue to grow to maximum server occupancy. Have you ever been so restricted, you can’t breathe? Or maybe your admin is either toxic, has a godlike mentality, Is unfair, a hypocrite, or a plain out right a jerk? This is the server for you. I know in this entire world, there is no way there is only 4 of us that feel this way. Join us and our community, full of action packed RP and PvP. Boosted x10 Harvest,instant thralls, and unlimited stamina admin shop available, arena events, roleplay and organized fair PvP. We are looking for people who enjoy a fun creative down to earth community and aim to keep this server going for years Join our discord for more information /emTcF2P or contact King Bago IV#0971 on discord for a direct link