Joining Latam servers with N.A or character transfers between them

Why not merge the servers? Or have characters transfer between Latam and N.A?

This will make the game more competitive and the loot will be more rotated and more disputed,a lot of people from LATAM play in N.A because they want to play against different people and clans and because N.A is more competitive than LATAM

I feel that if they do this, both N.A and Latam will benefit greatly with more wars and much more PVP

And of delay?

Well, the Funcom servers would have to be fixed, because games like Ark have wars between, N.A, Latam, EU and even Asia.
To begin with, it would be cool to have a way to transfer between Latam and N.A. servers.
And I think that a little bit of lag doesn’t bother me too much since there are Latam players playing on the N.A. servers

Ping is the biggest issue here. I play on a NA Eastern server and I’m from California. My ping is always 100 minimum, while others are doing like 60. I played on EU a few times and it was well over 100.

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Yes, I understand, that’s what Funcom would have to fix if other even smaller games can have servers joining N.A and Latam why wouldn’t Conan be able to?, but really the ping would have to be careful not to get too high for anyone

Well, lag increases usually with population on the server, as well as the amount of building. There’s usually additional factors beyond what other games have, plus the servers from gportal are pretty pathetic.