Joining my Guild with my Alt

OK so I have several characters on my account. One character has a guild. I want to have a few of my alts join this character’s guild, they are all on Crom. When I try to join the guild with an alt, the message I get is that there is no guild member online to take my app - of course not, I can only activate one character at a time! And when I try from the other side, meaning my guild creator tries to invite said alt to the guild, it that doesn’t work either.
Is that a mechanic to prevent people from having alts join an alt’s guild? Long story short (too late!) I need to know how to get my alt to join my main’s guild. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

You need another character from another account to invite your alts. So either have a friend help you or make a new account and alt to do it.

I’ve got a family guild and along with my sons accounts, I have a couple.

Like Groovy said. Make one of your characters on a different account an officer, log onto that account and then log onto the new character account and go back and forth between screens to do the invite / acceptance.

Thank you. It seems I need to install another instance of the game in a different folder in order to have two accounts open at once. Doing that now. DL takes a long time…

copy and paste

Use sandboxie