Journey, privacy, notes and other improvements

I know guys there are a lot of more critical issues to fix, but here just my suggestions how to make game more nice in FUTURE

  1. Journey complete text.
    Issue: First journey message contains important world/lore info, and mostly, mates never read it cause steps already done accidentaly.
    Solution: just place 1st and 2nd part together, change font size if not enough space for it.

  2. Personal doors and chests.
    Issue: Most of people play in groups (2-10). People need ability to make somee zones and stuff personal (for roleplay or other cases).
    Solution: expand clan system, but probably its a big goal, so just give a door and both chests option (when you are in clan) Make it personal\Common. So people stop messing with your beloved items, rooms and etc.
    p.s. and we badly need some restrictions to dismantle objects for clan members (some new people using wheel menu not carefully =( and we know in some cases you cant get back for example Temple, because you build base around it

  3. Notes and journals.
    Issue: we can cratf but not write…and it gonna be nice to pin notes even on other people bases (eviction\threat note ad etc).
    Solution: use same system as wood signs? but with no land restrictions on this items (like in server settings).
    p.s. to prevent griefs (some dude block you door with 25 notes), you just can pick it up and throw away

  4. And some ideas:
    -Throwing weapons packs? (1 slot for 1 javelin is not really nice on hotbar)
    -Proper one hand spear, trident? (just longer versions of javelins) for shield gameplay (especially with new improved combat system)
    -2nd hand sword? (just add and replace axe model for now mb), dual swordsman build is SICK
    -Ability to buy slave in market (so literally you free them…for big price and random chance to prevent exploiting this feature), for non slavery style of play

p.s. Funcom, thanks for your work, game really nice and atmospheric. Its really worth buying


@Denversetti, despite of the fact that all your proposals are nice, I’m very interested on your second and third proposals. I’ve got a cute desk in my castle room full of notes and journals that I would love to fill up :grin:

Stacking throwable weapons has been discussed by the team, they say they’re trying to find a solution but the process is giving them issues currently.

Somewhere I’ve seen them showing javilin+shield combo’s they’re working on to make the weapon more formidable as a thrown/mele weapon, although I’m not sure where they are on that so don’t quote me.

They disccused the inability to program simply equipping main hand weapons in the off hand since the hot bar does not give you the ability to select where the weapon goes, (although I think this could be easily remedied with a button click such as clearing the item from the hot bar) however they are planning to expand the weapon types system in the future so maybe you’ll get your offhand sword. They said the reality may otherwise become having a single weapon item that gives you two swords like the daggers do now.

Hope I’m not telling you things you already know. Thanks for the suggestions.

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