(RP) suggestion list from "playing wounded” (server setting) to "thrall auction" item

I am a massive fan of this game! I bought it when it was first available. I played it for a while then but have since put a lot of hours into it. I feel like this is a really solid game. But with a couple of RP friendly tweaks, it could be utterly phenomenal. I’ve put the suggestions which I think matter the most in priority order (first to last). I’m sorry for the laundry list, I didn’t want to make a separate thread for each one because I’d flood the forum but a lot of them are also related.

Underwear tick box
character sheet instead of settings

Trying to talk about who is or is not wearing underwear should never be part of the RP. If someone wants to be nude (or not) it would be amazing if they could choose that, at will. Not for other people, for themselves.
-You could put on/take off your underwear for everyone’s view to be the same.
-If you never want to be naked that’s in your control, not theirs. Being naked could make a lot of undesirable RP for those who don’t want to ever be naked.
-If you want to walk around/sleep/bathe naked, you can choose to do so and have everyone on the same page.

Pin-coded/player invited doors
Without it, there is so much missing from RP! The vast majority of people you RP with won’t be in your tribe. But with pin-coded doors, you can take different types of risks, which (good or bad for your character) will often lead to a lot of RP.

  • You can hide a wanted person. Which could lead to them being found in your home and therefore potentially put the pressure on yourself. And that can be the start of some really solid conflict.
  • You could skip a lot of typically unwanted ERP by sleeping in the same room as someone who’s not in your tribe. And the drama that could ensue, if people see them leaving your house, is fantastic.
  • Great for fast log out for RL crap. Having a guest house/room other people can log off in, can be a godsend.

sitting as female characters
Additional emote

Having female characters able to sit down and not advertising their groin would be really appreciated (especially when we wear skirts). Also the ability to show our culture easier with an eastern kneel (sitting on the forelegs) would be amazing.

  • More personality through accurate emoting

Play as wounded
Server setting

I don’t know the difficulty in coding this especially with the alternate ways it could be implemented.
The option to choose “play as wounded” on death – which returns you to the place you died with (or without) your armour on. Great for a buggy death/RP wound, IE: not a perma (permanent) death.
If possible (best), the characters in close radius of the death, get a popup “Accept (name) to return wounded”. With server options of: majority 51%. Or go to 75% or even 100% to accept the return.

  • Amazing as guaranteed (or no popup) return for fight arenas.
  • The choice to be captured (as the wounded), brings a lot of RP to the entire ally network of both sides. So much fun to fight and save a captured friend.
  • A lot less of the “did they didn’t they” RP re: perma.

More generic (race) and more racial outfits (meta relevant)
This one would be first if not for what I feel like is missing from the game (from the above suggestions) this is a big one. the vast majority of clothing in the game is race specific which makes sense. Except that it doesn’t … when not all races are included. :frowning: Exiles may additionally want to hide their race for a new start or even for the damage they can do to others by hiding it.

  • More meta relevant generic sets opens up new (different) RP paths. It’s also a solid way to play in the setting while being inexperienced with it.
  • More racial sets open up more RP options. Having the clothing of the type of character you’re playing changes both how you’re treated and seen IC. And proves your skill as in researching your character. Other players will naturally gravitate towards good RPers and research in an established setting is part of the skill of playing in it.
  • More religion specific outfits when there isn’t an altar to that god (like the priests of Yun) make RPing an alter-less character easier. Needless to say, religion was a big thing in ancient times. Its cultural significance was incompatible with (for the most part) our era.

Drag sleeping bodies
Highly buggy, always. But moving someone with their OOC permission is far easier than explaining why you’re killing them when they’re sleeping (so they’re not in the open naked when they get robbed)

  • Good for when you want/need to move a sleeping player to the safety of their home (same tribe) or behind a pin-coded door (different tribe).
  • Amazing when you move base when not everyone is online.

knocking players out
I feel like this is a seriously underrated element in RP. I can understand the many reasons this isn’t in the game. But it’s absence is sorely felt.

  • Being able to knock someone out and take them as a hostage. Otherwise, you have to murder them and pretend like they didn’t die - which is always tricky and requires OOC communication (which can often be highly frustrating and controversial on a large server).
  • Options for not killing someone you best in combat are always appreciated and can create characters who detest killing (more RP options).

Armour lock
Server setting

Trying to explain what happened to your weapons and items when you die is easy. Trying to explain how you lost your clothing is not. Being able to lock (only) your armour to your character (on death, not robbery) would prevent a lot of weird conversations in RP.

  • This would work well with the above suggestion (being able to knock people out). IE, you have to have them unconscious to take their clothes. Otherwise, you have to IC wound them (OOC kill them).

Slave auction block
It would create so much RP if there was an item like a box and or cage (lockable) that could hold a single thrall of any type for buyers to view (as in having the thrall standing in front of everyone viewing them).

  • See their tier/name/clothing.
  • It would amazing if you could also change their clothing in the item. So you can have them in a uniform, all dressed up, or literally all wearing the poorest clothes.
  • It would make thrall auctions possible.
  • Thralls would not always have to be a bag on the floor which even I can’t explain in RP.
  • It could potentially create a lot of genuine conflict (over the prices and even the theft of anything traded at the events).
  • More conflict from highlighting the thrall rich or (gold) rich characters.

Thralls can be picked up
The ability to pick up fighters, archers, and dancers. Please. This would be amazing.

Lockable thrall wheels
For the conservation of precious server resources. A lot of people quit a laggy game. Being forced to build around wheels causes a lot of server lag. Making them able to be locked cuts down on a lot of unneeded raiding for people who also don’t know what’s in a building.

Natural (currently only spawned in) legendary thralls
It would be amazing to be able to capture the thralls who make legendary weapon repair kits. And archpriests like that of Ymir.

God totems
For the players who choose not to play one of the very few gods with in-game alters. It would be amazing to have even a tiny furniture item for each god so that it can do some of the groundwork of RP for us (like those who have the massive alters).

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I have no idea how hard this would be to code but it would be awesome if you could learn emotes from other players. That would bring some immensely good RP! And it would foster players teaching each other.

I was loathed to mention it because of the work required and because it must be well known. The voice system, however, is desperate for an overhaul. I role-play with someone who can never hear anyone unless they stand by them for 15-30 minutes. Explaining why in role-play is getting old and having him miss introductions ruins his gameplay.

Additionally, I would love to have the modesty loincloth as a craftable item.