Journey steps - from one extreme to another

Seems to me that this change is more for new players than for existing hard core players like you and I.

I wonder if fc is planning on a big influx of new players somehow. Maybe by switching to a free to play model now that they have a cash shop.


That seemed to be kind of the point. They were mysteries for you to discover through exploration and gameplay. Not a checklist of chores like the current one is. You could, should and did just come across these steps through natural play of the game. But that kind of discovery is now impossible because even if you did something listed in one of the journey steps, it won’t count unless you’re specifically doing that exact step in the precise order laid out in front of you.

They weren’t complex tasks or convoluted hoops of specific instances you were forced to jump through before. Nor are they now, if anything the tasks themselves are even more simplistic. They didn’t need explanations because they were all simple things to accomplish. The tasks themselves are not the problem. The problem is the strict, compartmentalized, excessively linear and often repetitive nature of the current system.

They could have easily updated the UI of the old system, they could have easily added more rewards to the old system, those changes wouldn’t really have been all that bad. But completely removing an aspect of the game that rewarded natural unguided play in an open world sandbox survival builder and replacing it with a rigid, linear, convoluted task system is just a terrible decision and an awful direction for this game to head in.

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Ya then need new players for that because us old dogs know what a DLC is worth :wink:

No straight up, I was never motivated to do the journey steps till now. I did the first few when I started a new game, but never went out of my way to do them past tenth level; for the exp.

I have issues with it, but nothing a bit of tweaking would fix, plus well fixing it.

But do they really add anything? And fleshed out how? By giving hand holding linear path. Do a-b-c in that order. Then do it agian. And rewards? Those could have been for the battle pass tbh. Great for people who like checking menus to be sure they do things. But the old one let you explore and learn as you play. Not a manual as we got now.

Glad I can actually read that, and yes it adds a lot, in a few ways.

But if you don’t care enough about people being able to read your posts; editing is a thing, I don’t care to respond to any part of it.

I think it’s a good system.

Just let us complete parts of the journey steps regardless if we have it picked or not!

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Yeah I have to agree there with an announcement that the person completed a step in journey x so that learning my happen.

I like the system. It’s actually sort of fun but can be annoying if not properly planned by a vet. I had to go back to base because I didn’t visit my alchemist table…slowing down progress of 3 journey steps because of it

Maybe there are players who played the game for 1 hour and captured a thrall. You’ve made no point and stats speak for themselves. Half the player base need hand holding.

Lol I made my point, you don’t see it is all. If a point has missed the mark it’s your own! If you think achievements stats speak for actual player base ability than you’re mistaken.

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On beastmaster and can not get feed pet to activate. Beastmaster is activated but will not register that I placed food on my pet. I have tried all my pets still cannot get it to activate. Also the trebuchet says access or build no credit for accessing it had to tear down and rebuild.

Select the food in your beasts inventory and press “use” option.

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