Journey System and Knowlage

In the stream they said “once you finish the Mason 1 yull unlock Mason 2”
Is that in Journey Mason 2 or do I Need to do Journey to unlock knowlage?

Me = Confused


First one more than likely.
The journey system is something that runs parallel with progression but doesn’t interfere. To start that now, they would need to revamp the whole knowledge system, which they would’ve mentioned as it would be a big deal.
So while the journey stuff will be like a “tutorial” and unlocking their cards will grant you rewards, I doubt that it would ever interfere with progression itself.


Me too = Confused
We = should not worry :grin:

They way I understood it, unlocking Journeyman Mason is one of the steps in the Mason 1 journey progress, so Journeyman Mason will be unlocked by you because it is one of the requirements to complete the journey.

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If I had it my way, it would be.

But no, like others said, you spend knowledge points to unlock the Masonry feats which completes objectives for the Mason journey steps.

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The best thing about the journey system is that you can completely ignore it. It’s nice for new players figuring out all the things you can do in the game, and for completionists I guess, but requiring seasoned players to go through it on every new character would be beyond tedious.

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The way they said it confused me is all. I tend to ignore the journey steps because they feel convoluted to me. Maybe the new steps won’t.

I just like the fancy popups :joy:
I never actually chase them lol… so if this shows fancy popups too with an actually pleasant audio cue like the old one did, then it’s fine.

Pavlov would be proud.


Definitely! :slight_smile:

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