Journey's not working

Journey’s are no longer working as of this update, I have the option to eat, Climb and drink. Im a level 28. All stats are the same.


Also yellow lotus potion is not crafted in some circumstances but mats are gone, need to find out why.

Yep. You fixed the light armor bug. Now it’s the ONLY journey point that works. All others reset.
(official #1525)

Confirmed, light armour is the only journey feat that works now.

Suicide is the answer, then map and journal works again. Just FYI.

Confirmed: Character death + respawn fixes journal progress and map icons.

When you reconnect servers its happening again and again

Journey and map icons none functional for me as well, PVE sever #1725.

Died and both Journey abd map locations appeared ok for a short time. 10-15 mins later both Journey and map locations/discoveries are all gone/rest.

Unable to now discover any locations I had already been to and Journey doesnt show anything completed not even Light Armour.

Offical Server #1045