Inventory glitches and Journey glitches

Inventory-Sometimes the things you want out of L1 inventory will not transfer over to actual inventory.

Journey-The Journey (quest thing) resets but when I try to do the Eat, climb, Drink, etc it won’t complete, but if I complete one I haven’t done, it does, so it is glitched. Please fix it is annoying.

Ps4-Server #3501 America.

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EDIT - ALSO Dodge glitches out too, fix please.

Same problem…I had a power failure and when I logged back in all my journey steps are reset but cannot be completed again! So new ones won’t reappear since old one are done yet aren’t! Really fed up with the bugs. I’ve literally gotten every bug I’ve heard of so far. Extremely frustrating! I want to like this game but the poor performance is making that an impossibility.

yes light armor journey step is bugged, even if you equip it, it doesn’t complete the journey.

Same here with the journey bug of „light armor“. Not sure if the bug appeared as i tried to complete the task by producing one light armor item on the workbanch, moved the item by pressing R2 to the main inventory, then moved the cursor (i was still in the workbanch menu/inventory) to the left side (main inventory) with the arrowbuttons and put it on with the square button.

Probably that coused the problem. Maybe better to craft the item, moving it to the main inventory, cancle with circle the workbanch menu and reopen the main inventory by pressing the touchpad and then put it on with square.

Yes same, light armor will never complete some reason.

This last patch bugged it. It was working fine as myself and 5 other tribe mates got it. I then created another character on another PvP server and newest patch hit. Ever since the light armor journey step is broken for every new player I’ve spoken to (15 or so). Way to go Funcom!