JP/EN/FR La compagnie - CHILL PVP - Raid only Week-End - PVP Event/funny Event

Hello !

We are a little community enjoying fair PVP.

I do my best to entertain player with a different kind of event :slight_smile:

  • PokeThrall battle
  • PVP arena
  • Fight against a horde
  • Battle Royal Event

Every player are welcome !

Be sure as a new player you wont be raid by big clan until you are capable to defend yourself.

I’m always making sure people respect the rules. The support can be provided in French or English.

If you have any questions about the server do not hesitate to answer this topic.

Here some information :

Server ip :
We also have a discord. The link will be display if you connect to the server.

  • Harvesting and XP: 3x
  • Thralls and crafting: 0.5x
    I changed the option about raiding time.
    It is now possible to raid only during the week end between 5 pm and 9pm (Japan Hours)
    Raid time during the week has been change to 4 am to 4 am 01 to avoid Raid during Week.

I was playing on this server. Then other Japanese came in and started a war. The admins don’t log in for PVP time.

The people participating in the game run over newbies with their horses. (Even if they are walking naked.)
And they deliberately return the equipment every time after they kill.
They do this to show off their superiority.

And they feel good about their superiority over other users.
They were repeating the same thing to many newcomers.

A new Japanese told them, “That’s just some initial equipment that I don’t need at all, please throw it away”. They said “I have a horse, I’ll go” and went to return it to the person.

When I asked the Japanese later, they said that they could easily collect them again because they were initial equipment. He also said, "They gave us some food and other things, but we didn’t need it.

Later, they got into a war with the Japanese clan. Every time PVP time, the administrator is not inside. Every time an alias comes in. At that time I saw from a distance that they were equipping their slaves with a completely different “Godbreaker” than the equipment they had yesterday. I understood immediately as I was building near their base.

Even then, the server administrators left it alone. I felt they were connected in the background.

They attacked the Japanese base, but the Japanese had already moved on. And only one of the Japanese was blowing up their base after they all went to destroy the Japanese base.

I talked to the Japanese on that mackerel for a bit in Japanese. We moved together to another server, but not to the same clan. I felt they might be cheating, so I moved to another server with them. They didn’t want to wage a fair war.

A short time after the move, the previous server administrator swooped in to discord the new server. I had blocked him, so I knew immediately who it was. I was blocking him in the discord because he was the only person in the discord who was blocking me.

After that, they came to the new migrant server and advertised their own server and despised the current server.

I was disgusted that their Level was so low.

They were very clingy and clearly had bad manners.
Administrators don’t do any management.
No management.