Just a thought from 8k hours player

Game mode: Online, pvp

To be honest I’m trying to write this but I know in myself it won’t change that. Funcom promised an anti-mesh system and failed, leaving holes everywhere. You have totally changed the combat system, it seems that you want us to stop fighting. You don’t want us to heal anymore, you take away energy to fight, increase the cost of items and slow down the creation time. Why do you want to kill pvp in this game? No more big clans are seen no more fighting is seen in this game.

You have complaints, okay. Any suggested solutions, or are you just venting?


I dont think my suggestion will change some but i hope. I suggest slowing down the animation treatment time, Time of creation, consumption of stamina. We facilitate pvp in this game, at least in the context of pvp. Moderators start a survey if you really work to make our experience better.

Hey man, that last survey didn’t go over so hot, I dunno if they’d do another so soon :joy:

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