Just checked my played time on steam

I’m not even done in Transylvania. I reckon ive got another 3 or 4 main quests in shadow forest to go. Im currently at 126 hours played. Ive not even been mucking about queueing for dungeons or pvp. Ive literally been bouncing from quest to quest. I’d say ive skipped about 20% of the story clips.

I’ve still got a tonne of content in front of me! And now theyve added more? Holy hell man! 200 hours easy! for a free game that sucks your brain like Pete Tranter’s sister. Im not even sure if its a blessing or a punishment!


And with some quests you find out new stuff on the second time. Careful or you end up like me, hardcore fan, with 1615 hours XD


Thats… wow! Im in awe and terror!

Yeah it adds SWL hours to TSW hours…that said there is a ingame chatcommand to show swl playtime…can’t remember what it was.

/played shows hours. And then days, if that’s a better measure.

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About 17000 hours on steam currently which is kinda funny since most of that came from TSW. Was about 15000 hours when SWL launched and wanted to put in a review something like “Feels like I’ve been playing this game for years”

Note /played is a more accurate indicator as steam logs hours as long as the game it running ( ie. while I’m character selection screen)

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It’s a nice problem to have. Don’t rush it and enjoy it, you’ll reach the end sooner than you want.

I think I must have hit the end of Tokyo at around 3-400 hours and I did pretty much everything in any zone before moving on aside from lairs - though I don’t do dungeons much.

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17,000??!?!? I dont even think i have that in wow and ive been playing that stupid game since EU release (with a few years hiatus here and there). Bravo though. Thats some serious devotion. My hope is that youre actually not that good, but do it for the love and immersion. :slight_smile:

ooooh, while im here, and not to clutter forums with spammy threads, but now level 50 with about 60% epics, really here purely for the achievements and atmosphere. Havent run a single dungeon, pvp area or raid. If i dive in, am i being gear matched? And am i stuck being a massive liability when i should know what the hell im supposed to be doing? Or do i get to be the cool noob who one shots the lowbie dungeons providing free loot for the non noobs on alts?

Lots of time but it’s the only game I play and it’s been about 5 years now or more. Also steam counts total running time even if I’m just at the log in screen. Actual play time is about 450days, is more of a social thing then anything now.

Also regarding dungeons and group content the group finder ensures everyone is at the least meeting a set IP level. Mechanics and knowledge of the fights becomes more of a factor at E5 and higher. Honestly finding a cabal to join is your best choice as it is both easier to form groups and the people in your group will be more patient when it comes to learning mechanics.


They sometimes feel like they kinda… noblaspho… bleed into each other a bit? Like… you know… kinda… i got the gist, this cutscenes going on a bit… perhaps its time to get back to playing the game? :slight_smile:

If you care for the story at all, you don’t wanna skip anything, and certainly not on a first playthrough. They don’t just do the story telling good, you will be hard pressed to find a better story telling in a game, and certainly not in an mmo. There are small little details that won’t make sense right away, until suddenly you collect enough of the pieces to see a bigger picture. By skipping you will skip some of those pieces =P, “getting the gist of it” is like making a puzzle with only half the pieces.

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I fully agree with @SinOfTheWolfs in regards to skipping things. I started playing in March, and have done 661 hours so far, making sure to do every mission, every side mission, and exploring every area before I move on to the next zone. I finished New Dawn last week, and even though I took my time it still feels like everything went way too quickly.
The story telling is just wonderful, and taking your time lets you see how little things link up between missions, zones, and different characters.

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