Just left of a small ask

Hello there. It came recently as a thought, (and I’m sure many other fine people have come to this same conclusion but for different reasons perhaps) but since I play this game with entirely only with family - I got everyone involved in this game, and they all love it. But, a few of whom I play with are not like me in a very particular way - and because of this, because they’re not like me I don’t give much thought into the involvement or depth they go into when it comes to immersing themselves within the game, (though I know they do. I watch them - watch them panic when they’re surrounded by hostile npc’s or panic when their torch runs out in the depth of darkness) but something that many players, (myself included) take for granted is the option to choose which hand to use. I am not left handed , though some of the community are.

I know that to add a feature like that would likely take a lot of resources. And for a game that already offers so much, and while this feature may seem small, I understand it’s not.

But if done, many of those in the community that may not feel represented - may feel so. It also may open the doors to a variety of things, such a dual-wielding (not daggers, but axe and sword combination.)

This would be nice to have. You cannot drag a npc and hold a torch at the same time because they both take the off hand.

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