Keyboard wont allow to walk with tools - With controller you can

When you equip tools or weapons you are not able to use the walking key for keyboard, so you never get to be able to walk. On the other side, if you use a controller you can do it just by sliding the movement slower.

Apparently I misunderstood your complaint.

Yes, walk mode automatically toggles back off when you equip a tool or weapon, and can’t be toggled on while they are equipped.

This has actually been the case for… well… I don’t know if it was ever not the case.

Not sure it is a bug so much as a missing feature.

Is there a walk function in the game??? :open_mouth:
Like WALK walk, not the standard running.
Good to know. :laughing:

Hello everyone, just wanted to add that I’ve experienced this issue as well. If I’m not mistaken, this issue has been going on since the middle of last year. A topic about this popped up in August 2022, with the topic being tagged as “Report-Received,” yet no form of fix has developed.

The ability to walk with a torch/weapon/tool using the keyboard had been a thing since early access. It helps with building purposes, or moving slowly around dangerous areas with a weapon at the ready.

Embarrassingly, I miss this feature mostly for the feeling of moving towards a group of enemies, sword in hand, at a steady gait before charging.

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