Khari Soldier Armor should have the same armor value as Skelos Cultist Master Armor





Should it also have the same stat bonuses and same durability?

IMO, Khari should be even better. Because on how unconvenient it is to farm compared to the skelos one.

I agree. I love the look of Khari armors, but going repeatedly through one of the most annoying boss fights in the hopes of getting a recipe to drop, and then grinding for the materials, makes them not worth the trouble when the reward is underwhelming, stat-wise. And it would feel even more wasteful to use it as an illusion…


They need to buff at least the armor values to current META armor.

And reduce the cost from 15 bars per piece to 4 or improve the dungeon output.

~16 bars if you only do bosses is incredibly low…

@den What do you think about this balance-wise?

I think the health and stamina already compensates for anything the other armor set has.
The only aspect of the game that requires “balancing” in this context would be PvP… and for PvP the amount of health and stamina on this is worth more than anything on the skelos set, you’re not wearing it by accident either :stuck_out_tongue:
However I would like to see some revamping of the way armor works, maybe have them all have multiple stats to give more combination choices, I must say I really like the fact that the skelos cultist is a craftable set with 2 identical stats on each piece.
So for that alone… sure, remake them all! :))

(On a side-note I think that boss should be revisited a bit, I actually like that we finally have a scripted boss that actually does “something” aside from hitting you, but I ran it the other day and it’s either glitched or just weird, I was nowhere near the AoE indicators yet it knocked me down and the next one spawned under me and one-shot me…
This happened twice in a row, third time I just spammed the dodge-roll as the indicators couldn’t be trusted…
Now, I’ve done that in the past a lot without any issues… always avoided it based on the indicators… so idk if it was a temporary glitch or so… but I got to experience the full force of that ability for the first time… and I have to say… I know I’m not running a full vitality build… but I don’t think it should one-shot me from 400 HP either :smiley: that’s a bit “too dark souls” imo.)

No, not for this grind.

It is supposed to be ENDGAME armor.

Why is it weaker than some piss cheap sorcerer armor ??!?!

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That is not a piss cheap sorcerer armor!!! That is the NEW thing… did you not read the memo that the NEW thing always needs to be just a bit shinier than the OLD thing?
I just don’t know why every lowlife scum sorcerer already carries around instructions on how to make this NEW thing…
So yes, I agree on that front, the reward for work needed ratio is definitely not balanced!

I get your sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue:

There is actually a book at the Shrine of the Oracle in the volcano for it as well.

400 HP is with 10 points in Vitality right? That should be the baseline for gameplay balance. So oneshot nono, but maybe 50% damage.

Oh God! they’re everywhere! :smiley:

Yup! and it was weird cuz it really looked like I was in the clear… then my character got knocked down so I couldn’t move and the next one spawned directly below me and killed me from full hp. I was like… damn Thag…

Edit: Now that I think about it I have a THEORY! It is entirely possible that I was killing him too fast and he overlapped more than one of his blue flame phases and I was only seeing indicators for one!! In which case this might be a bug requiring further investigation :stuck_out_tongue: (I used the katana dash combo on him and some followers hacking at him too so he was below half HP the first time he teleported to the middle)

Hmm not sure although Khari is harder to get so I don’t mind it for getting a buff
Maybe it should have more heat resistance

As long no ones asking for another nerf I be happy.

Honestly right now the flat stats hp stam ect are all alot better than the % damage increase sets, but im kinda with op on this one, id say make all unlocked armors have double stats. Otherwise why unlock them at all when you can use the basic stuff? Seems as of this update the only sets worth unlocking are skelos and silent legion, everything else can be had with the basic armors

EDIT: Just reread everything, im not sure when khari got the second stat, it didnt when i tested everything… but yes armor should be the same across the board for epic sets unless one gets more of a stat bonus than the others

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