Skelos Armor is OP

The Skelos Cultist Master armor set is overpowered.

It is extremely easy to unlock, and has top tier armor values and agility damage. Additionally it has top tier follower damage.

It simply contributes too much dps for a single armor set, and is the obvious spam choice in pvp. In order for it to balanced either the agility or the follower damage needs to be swapped for a non-dps stat.

Currently it is simply the best agility build armor for pvp by a long shot, and I feel like this is supposed to be mage armor for the new corruption stuff. It’s dumb that the mage armor is just being used for katana/bow builds to run around with no corruption and a cimmerian zerker.

IMO the best solution is to simply swap +agility for +hp, and then you will get something that is still good, suits the role of a necromancer (+hp/+followerdamage) and wont disrupt the pvp meta.

Ideally every armor set should have a use for different situations and builds, not one set being just being best in pvp due to being the only set that has double dps stats at legendary levels in 5 slots. This armor set is also why agility is dominating so much in pvp.


Agreed. My group runs it all the time in PVP.

It’s also a Medium Armor that requires Light Armor materials (Layered Silk, Perfected Light Padding) so you get a medium armor set for cheaper. Actually kinda insane and extremely cheap to mass produce.

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Not disagreeing that it’s the best if you have an agility combat build. But now there’s transmog, does it even matter? Like, something has to be the best agi build armour. Everyone with that build will use it. It’s just now you can illusion it.


Agreed. Or rather - all other armors are too weak.

Most STRENGTH armors give +5 ~ +8 str and nothing else, which equals to 1 ~ 1.6 attrbute points invested in str.
Skelos Master Armor gives 8 agl + 10 follower damage, which equals to 4 attribute points.
I kinda can’t remember how many attribute points the old armors gave you, but 2~4 points equivalent bonus from armor sounds fine. Just don’t make them all damage related. Make combinations of, say, 2 str + 1 encumbrance, or 2 agl + 2 grit.

Btw, they already have a Necromancer (+hp/+followerdamage) set. It’s the first unlockable in the Battle Pass.

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Disapproved! Next! :smiley:

On a serious note, I think instead of crying “nerf the new armor”, imo it would be better if it was left alone and the standard 3% on regular epic armors would be brought up to match it 5% and 8% with T4 crafter just like the skelos one.
That follower damage on it isn’t really that big of a deal… it’s there… and players like to min-max so they use that… but they won’t be “kicking your @ss” simply because of that additional follower damage.
The extra 3% agility damage on a completely matching set though is nice and I’d like to see other armor get that too just to bring them a bit closer to all those mismatched configurations that people use to maximize the stat. It still wouldn’t be fully on par, but at least a step closer.

Edit: Also… forgot to mention this, but just to put it into perspective how little that counts you should compare your hits in that armor vs. naked… Strength / Agility weapon damage only applies to base damage so usually the difference on the end result is less than 20 damage for swings of around 200


I would warn against a knee-jerk reaction. We went from one system of armor providing attributes and affecting how we spec our characters, to one where armor provides stats which augments the builds we have. There is quite a difference between the two systems.

What we have now is armor that has been converted from one system to another by a simple find/replace all command in a spreadsheet on the Item Stat table. Suffice to say, its not optimal.

But it could be.

Instead of there being health armor, stamina armor, ect. We can instead see armor sets give a variety of stats. We kind of see this already with Abyssal Armor, Godbreaker Armor, and Silent Legion. But we could also see things like sets of stats going to different pieces. Something like Strength/Agility/Concussive damage on Gloves, Health/Stamina on Chest and Legs, and maybe Carrying Capacity/Follower Damage on Head and Feet. This way you’re not min maxing a single stat but may mix and max armor sets based on the stats you want. Just a quick and dirty idea.

But I think stuff like that should be considered over just basic nerfs or buffs. The new system has potential, we shouldn’t see it wasted.

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God, I hate those mixed and matched sets :smiley: Don’t advertise them!! No! Bad! :smiley:


Oh yes. Those sets are evil. :smile:

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what i found od is the skelos cultist armor is not a epic armore

It changes the meta from Spear-only in PvP. Spear is still king for PvP first hit in melee however. And the Skelos armor is not available to new players even if you could theoretically craft it at low levels. You would have to be fighting level 60 mobs or get to the volcano for the Raw Ash. So, maybe at 30-35 or 25 if that was your main focus. Clans usually have level 60’s craft all armors anyway. Skelos is a little bit of love for solos.

I am enjoying it a lot. I feel if they ever get the abysmal Lag issues fixed (they won’t) you could use the Bow for some PvP if wearing Skelos set.

It requires perfected paddings though… so level 60

Yes but the armor not labeld as epic

No, because it’s labeled Legendary, like all other sets that come from the UC library for example and are basically taught by scrolls

True, no perfected till 60.

I wouldn’t change Skelos much or at all. It allows some alternate builds and that is what players are objecting to I think. But this change is good for PvP. That Spear-only PvP thing was pretty sick damage and too easy IMHO.

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But demanding nerfs or buffs is possible with a lot more limited vocabulary and brainpower. If you get beaten by something, all you need to know is the name of that something and the word “nerf” and you can give feedback. Or you could say “buff X” where X is the weapon/armor/thingamabob the player likes to use.

Anything beyond “nerf X”/“buff Y” requires considering many variables. In the name of inclusiveness, it would be fair if we all simply used the keywords “overpowered”/“underpowered” and “nerf”/“buff” instead of, you know, formulating sentences and paragraphs and thoughts.

Regarding the Skelos Master set - yeah, it does stick out as a pretty solid option. Mind you, it won’t keep you alive in the Volcano on its own, but it has a high armor value for a Medium armor and is relatively cheap to craft. Reliable sources of raw ash aren’t easy to come by in the Exiled Lands, making it at least somewhat tedious to mass produce, and Siptah has its own powerhouse options, so I don’t know if the Skelos set is problematic or “OP”.

I hope they don’t decide to nerf it… changes to the recipes fine, but not lowering the stats.

Just buff other viable options…

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It’s super easy to mass produce. You now go for 2 things when farming obsidian in the volcano.

Compare it to the Khari Soldier Armor. Nuff said.

Yes, like I said, somewhat tedious. That’s what going to the Volcano is.

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Your post overpowered! Nerf post! :rage:

Yup! That, I find a bit annoying, especially after reading the fine-print…

Bonus fine-print from the “pants”
I’m not sure who wrote this… but they probably didn’t have the same image in their head of a bunch of dudes working in skirts and bending down… especially since my server has the Commando mod.

Yea… about that… I ended up with 20 thousand obsidian in my inventory when I went to try and get a fair amount of raw ash :smiley:

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Just toss the Obsidian and keep the raw ash and gold stones.