Skelos Armor is OP

No! its must be OP
this is my reward for grave matters events… (before 3.0)
SO NO :expressionless:

All the armors need to be reworked , period. No point in making old armor sets which all give inferior stats. Just bring everything else up to skelos masters level and all give diff bonuses. Too much brain work for these devs tho.
Make sure you buy that battlepass and pre order dune.

What? Can’t here you with me mass producing this from a piece a paper I got from a T1 NPC.

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Jesus what’s the problem of people like you?
If you dont like this armor just dont use it, but if you use it because its “too powerful so why not” and that’s the reason you want to nerf it this is the same like you will say " I have too much money so please someone steal that money because I’m too rich"
It’s better to upgrade all other armor then nerf what many people like
Stop asking to nerf good equip
Just stop that sh*t


my dude! we got this armor via grave matters event (this winter)
damn i remember how i rushing to each event icon on the map just to grab some piece for my mates, finally we got 4 full armor sets…
so let it be - OP and cool

p.s. guys seriously STOP bragging to NERF smth, stop distract devs and other players from actual and gamebreaking problems and issues…


That’s IT!

LOL! :popcorn:

Im sorry but its been 24 days… :joy: