Khitan Caravan Questions

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I have noticed a few things while dealing with the Khitan caravan traders.

First, I took 4 skulls to the caravan and turned them in along with one live sorcerer. My total Oubolous reward was 22. I was made aware that I recieved 7, 7, 10, and 10 from the traders… along with another 12 for the live captive. It certainly seems like that should have added up to more than 22!

2nd, the Sep city caravan has given me Oyvind Tall Tree 3x’s in a row as my worker thrall purchase. Are the thrall rewards for purchasing them a set thrall each time? Also, aren’t entertainer/dancer thralls combat thralls and not workers?

3rd, whenever anything aggro’s on my character the Khitan guard also automatically aggro as well. This just doesn’t seem right to me.

These observations were noted on the US-Public-Test Live server.

I posted this in the PC Discussion section too. Sorry for the double post.


In single player on Siptah, I got Oyvind twice after first getting a scoutwright when purchasing a worker. In Funcoms defence, he was really working his hips until I made him sit. This was at the Grave of the Leviathan.

The Khitan guards act like Sepermeru residents, so their agro doesn’t seem really wrong, although it surprised me a couple times.


Did more scouting caravans on Siptah. In total purchased 13 workers, got 6 unique T4 crafters, 3 duplicate crafters and a total of 4 Oyvinds.

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I got my 4th Oyvind in a row! lol

I finally got a different t4 thrall, Njoror Battleborn. Although this is the 2nd Njoror that I have received. So that’s 4 Oyvinds and 2 Njoror’s for my last 6 purchased worker thralls.

I think you are having bad luck in the worker lottery. For me, Oyvind seems to be a 40% chance. Perhaps as high as 50%. I forsee people with chests of Oyvind’s that they give out to noobs. He has good stats and melee multiplier so he can be a decent follower.

The crafter thralls I’ve gotten are:

  • Jon the Tinkerer (smelter)
  • Gratt Stinkfinger (tanner)
  • Darmok the Experimenter (alchemist)
  • Acastel Ninefingers (builder carpenter)
  • Njoror Battleborn (scoutwright armorer)
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