Missed opportunity for sorc event

Observation, the recipe for the Khitan Exile’s Tribute Basin could have been a superb item. Instead of being albeit nice lawn decor, perhaps a fair increased cost to 1500 or so and made it functional, with a Khitan npc much akin to the coffer standing next to it. More content you say, I say better content.

P.S. Rotate the npc’s from the sorc trader. Geez you have an entire roster of quality NPC’s to choose (Hint: If the NPC nomenclature ends in _4 put them in the pool).

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the basin cant have skulls?

according to @Wak4863 video it does look functional… not sure, if the skulls are just part of the item itself or you fill it as you do with the camps

The basin comes with the skulls but sometimes it gets bugged and skulls on top of it disappear. The solution is to pick the basin up and place it back.

oh damn,

i thought it could function as a “chest” to put skulls on it.

bugged? well it is not a surprise either.

I was kinda hoping that the caravan we can get we can put knocked out thralls on it, but it’s only a decoration. A huge decoration. And we should expect bugs every update. That’s nothing new for Funcom.

i know about the cages, but you can have the caravan carts too?

Yeah I personally think it’s not that bad only lacking functionality.

whats the name of the caravan carts?

Stygian Slave Wain which only cost 100 OB

I can’t place mines

The odd thing is, you can interact with the stygian slave wain (cart), but from what i can tell that does nothing. Doesn’t even affect the lights i think.

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