Khultan - A pvp/pve RP server - LVL 300/Pippi/EEWA/custom lore races x2 XP and Harvesting

Ritual Sites:

New vender added to the Hall of Heros, this vender sells unique mounts and pets for a high cost. These mounts and pets are not pvp approved, and are part of the donation gift selections.

Three new ritual sights have been added to the world, each once buffs a specific type of sorcery roll by +5! Get out and explore to find them all, and more will be added over time, as well as sights for other classes.

New potions have been added to the alchemy crafting menu in Murun.

The first veil break has opened, this has caused an area of the map to become tainted with strange creatures and magics, but offer treasure! Veil breaks only last four to five days, unless closed by a player. Each veil break weakens over time, becoming easier to close, they are hardest to close when first opened.

The Veil guard and Coven have arrived! Several rp events will spring up involving these two factions, as well as quests and rep systems as time goes on.

New stock has been added to the furniture vender.

RP PVP/PVE - NA - SAVAGE WILDS - Wiped 5th September

Exile, for that is what you are, exiled from your home, forced out by the hands of Thoth Amon and his schemes. Whether you were once a noble prince or a common thief none of that matters now, for now you find yourself caught in another one of the mad sorcerer’s plots. He has left his mark; from the Exiled Lands to a Mysterious Isle, but now we find ourselves in this new land, a savage land, but still with it’s own people.

What will you do now that you are here? Will you try to continue your old life? Or will you attempt to forge a new one?

Server Features:
Savage Wilds Map
x2 Xp rates.
x2 Harvesting.
Custom races.
Helpful and active admins.

Mod List: Steam Workshop::Khultan RP
Discord: Khultan